Confirmation and First Communion are important moments in a Christian’s life of discipleship. They mark the point in the Christian journey at which the participation in the life of God’s people, inaugurated at baptism, is confirmed by the Bishop by the laying on of hands, and in which those who have been baptised affirm for themselves the faith into which they have been baptised and their intention to live a life of responsible and committed discipleship.

Through prayer and the laying on of hands, the Church is asking God to give the confirmation candidate power through the Holy Spirit to live out their Christian faith.

Preparation involves a short series of evening (or daytime) talks that provide a background to what the rite involves and why you’re taking this important step. If you are an adult seeking baptism, it is worth considering combining the two rites in one service, which is a very usual way of accepting God’s embrace if you haven’t been baptised as a child. The Bishop will baptise you at the font with any other candidates for baptism before admitting everyone to Confirmation.

If you would like to begin preparation for Confirmation, please talk to Fr Patrick.