Do I live in the Parish?

If you are getting married or having your banns read and need to know whether you live in the parish, look through the list of streets and addresses that fall within its boundaries.

You can also view a map with the parish boundary marked.

Addington Road
Albany Road
Albert Road
Astra House (Mount Pleasant Villas)

Beatrice Road
Blythwood Road: 46 up even
Bourne Road: 1-15 odd, 2-14 even
Brackenbury (Osborne Road)
Briston Grove

Carlisle Road
Carlton Lodge (Lancaster Road)
Carlton Road
Cecile Park
Charter Court (Stroud Green Road)
Chettle Court (Ridge Road)
Churchill Court (Connaught Road)
Connaught Lodge (Connaught Road)
Connaught Road
Cornwall Road
Crouch Hill: 82-116 even
Culham Court (Granville Road)

Dagmar Road
Darren Close (Ossian Road)
Dashwood Road
Denton Road
Derwent Court (Cecile Park)
Dickenson House (Dickenson Road)
Dickenson Road: all odd, 10 up even
Drylands Road

Ednam House (Florence Road)
Elm Grove
Elyne Road
Ennis Road

Farnefields Court (Oakfield Road)
Fenstanton (Marquis Road)
Ferme Park Road: 1-145 odd, 2-174 even
Florence Road

Gladwell Road
Granville Court (Granville Road)
Granville Road
Grove, The

Heights, The (Mount View Road)
High Mount (25/27 Mount View Road)
Hutton Court (Victoria Road)

Inderwick Road: 1-111 odd, 2-126 even
Ivor Court (102 Crouch Hill)

John Clifford House (Drylands Road)

Lancaster Road
Landrock Road
Lawson Court (Lorne Road)
Lorne House (Lorne Road)
Lorne Road

Marquis Court (Marquis Road)
Marquis Road
Mayfield Road
Mount Pleasant Crescent: 15 up odd, 22 up even
Mount Pleasant Villas
Mount View Road: 15 up odd, 2 up even

Nelson Road:1-99 odd, 2-110 even
Nichols Close (Osborne Road)
Norah Clegg House (Oakfield Road)
Norman Court (Stapleton Hall Road)

Oakfield Road
Oakington Way
Oldchurch Court, 73a Victoria Road
Osborne Grove, Upper Tollington Park
Osborne Road
Ossian Road
Otway Court, Granville Road
Oxford Road

Paul Court, Upper Tollington Park
Perth Road
Pine Court, Mount View Road

Quernmore Road

Ridge Road
Ronaldshay, Florence Road

St Luke’s Church (flats, Mayfield Road)
St Stephen’s Court, Mayfield Road
Scarborough Road
Stapleton Hall, 5 Stapleton Hall Road
Stapleton Hall Road: 5 up odd, 2 up even
Stroud Green Road: 24 up even

Tregaron Avenue

Uplands Road: 1-91 odd, 2 – 94 even
Upper Tollington Park

Vicarage, The (flats, Mayfield Road)
Victoria Road
Victoria Terrace
Video Court, 2 Mount View Road

Wall Court, Stroud Green Road
Wallace Lodge, Osborne Road
Weston Park: 65 up odd
Wiltshire Court, Marquis Road
Wisbech. Lorne Road
Womersley House, Womersley Road
Womersley Road
Woodlands, The, Dickenson Road
Woodstock Road