Spiritual Direction and Confession

For many people, spiritual guidance and direction provides an ongoing way of deepening the relationship with God, through Christ Our priests are always available to help you with this because it is an essential part of their calling. Spiritual guidance can be an exciting time of discovery and growth. There is no formulae but with a sympathetic ear and wise advice, our priests can help you discover new possibilities. You can ask advice from our priests on any number of issues, but most people generally seek help with their prayer life.


There are times when we all need to work out our relationship with God. The Sacrament of Confession, sometimes known as the Sacrament of Reconciliation is a liberating experience that enable us to start afresh. Some people want to arrange this when they feel the need. Others prefer to make their confession at key points in the church year such as just before Holy Week.  The old idea of what confession meant has changed dramatically over the years, so if you feel that there are things you want to put right, why not talk to Fr. Patrick about what Confession could involve and what you hope to get from it?