Wednesday Study Group at HI

These series of study groups are one of the highlights of our parish partnership with Holy Innocents, and are always popular. They take place after the 9.30am Mass on a Wednesday morning. All are welcome.

More information is available on the Holy Innocents’ website.

Spring 2013

The recent lens of Christian feminism, which has inspired historians and theologians to look back over the history of the church and see whether and what women did contribute to Christian history, has led to a rapid realisation that women have indeed done a great deal for the Church. And not simply as faithful Christians, good mothers, teachers of the young and doers of good works – women have, we realise when we look, been active theologians, reformers and commentators throughout Christian history. At some times they have found this easier than in others, but the extent to which women’s contributions have been marginalised over history is astonishing. Even when it was least acceptable for them to do so, women were writing theology, they were simply having to use alternative genres to achieve acceptance.

Over 10 weeks the Wednesday Study group will look at the ways in which women have shaped Christian history by looking at ten ‘Holy Women’ throughout the past 2000 years. Damien, Max, Fr Patrick, Fr Bruce, and Brenda will lead these talks.

Wednesday 15 May: Women in the New Testament
Wednesday 29 May: S HILDA OF WHITBY
Wednesday 12 June: JULIAN OF NORWICH
Wednesday 19 June: S CATHERINE OF SIENA
Wednesday 26 June: S TERESA OF AVILA
Wednesday 3 July: S TERESA OF LISEUX
Wednesday 10 July: S EDITH STEIN

Lent 2013

During Lent we are thinking about the 7 Christian Virtues: the 4 Cardinal Virtues of JUSTICE, TEMPERANCE, FORTITUDE and PRUDENCE; and the 3 Theological Virtues of HOPE, FAITH and LOVE.

A book of sermons and letters from Pope Benedict XVI entitled ‘The Virtues’ makes interesting reading as an accompaniment to the series, but certainly isn’t compulsory!

Autumn 2012

During the autumn, we are looking at characters and stories from the Old Testament. It is a chance to consider characters such as Adam and Eve, Moses and Jonah and to read again some of the important stories found in the Old Testament.

5th September: Adam and Eve
12th September: Cain and Abel
19th September: Noah
26th September: Abraham
3rd October: Joseph
10th October: Moses
17th October: Samson & Delilah
24th October: Ruth
31st October: no session
7th November: Job
14th November: David
21st November: Daniel
28th November: The Temple at Jerusalem & OT Kings
5th December: Prophets